March 14, 2013

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Flordia Virtual School-
If you are interested in completing a course online through Florida Virtual School, you will need to complete the following checklist:

DE-MDC Forms
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Dual Enrollment-General Information

Dual Enrollment (DE) allows qualified students to enroll in college courses through local and state colleges and universities while still in high school. Credit earned through DE can be used towards fulfillment of a high school graduation requirement and can also be used as college credit. Students who qualify may enroll in a college course, and the tuition and textbook cost is waived. No transportation is available. Students can only take courses after regular school hours, in addition to the courses they are enrolled in at their high school. In order to qualify for dual enrollment, students must be entering or be in grade 10, grade 11, or grade 12, must have a 3.0 unweighted grade point average (GPA), and meet all the college/university criteria for admission. All M-DCPS senior high schools offer DE opportunities.

What you wanted to know about Dual Enrollment
• Requires a 3.00 unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA) to participate.
• To participate, you must be a rising 10th Grade student.
• Requires approval from parent/guardian, counselor and principal. The school is under no obligation to accept credit without it.
• Grades for the courses will be posted on high school transcript independently of student's choice.
• Requires completion of all college or university admission requirements, including passing a placement test if required.
• The Dual Enrollment course requested must meet a high school requirement and must fit into the overall postsecondary plan.
• The course fee is waived by the college/university, and the District pays for the required books/materials.
• Transportation to and from the college/university is the student's responsibility.
• Required return for all textbooks issued or else will be financially responsible to the high school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FIU Dual Enrollment
MDC Dual Enrollment

Tutoring Information
ONLINE TUTORING JUST FOR GABLESThis link, leads to a site that was created to help tutor Gables students. Tutoring in the following courses are available: Algebra1 and 2, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space, English, ESOL, Geometry, History, Intensive Math & Intensive Reading, Spanish Levels 1-4, Regular and Honors, AP Spanish , Dual Enrollment Spanish, French levels 1-4, Regular and Honors.

You may have heard the upper classmen or even your teachers discussing this online service tailored to the IB Diploma Program. If you would some further information, check out this powerpoint for an overview: